Chloé Shephard

Chloé Shephard is a freelance designer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Leeds. To immerse the reader in these feelings, Chloé often uses old conversations and messages, manipulating them and incorporating them into her work. Her work takes shape through artists’ books and zines, utilising practical skills in digital design, bookmaking, photography and print.

To Whom It May Concern was created to explore the concept of future memories (messages, people and situations one is yet to experience) this is done through navigating the permanence of messages, memories and situations.

Her use of printed matter allows the viewer to be immersed: since books and publications cannot be viewed all at once like a painting or a photograph, the viewer is encouraged to spend time poring over it. Intrigued by the link between printed and digital media, Chloé integrates QR codes into her work, enhancing the experience for the viewer – intertwining digital and physical spaces. Through adding music playlists, she is able to create a strong sense of time and place to compliment the work.

Chloé’s approach to print and printed media spills over into her freelance work, where she views things through the lens of books and spread, integrating them into different media such as music videos. Chloé often takes a confession-centred approach to commissions and work.

“My work is confessional and sparked by strong emotions. Much of it is rooted in nostalgia and memory, while also yearning for the memories of the future – those that are yet to happen.”