Amy Middlemiss

Amy Middlemiss recently graduated from Leeds Arts University with a degree in Textile Design. She is designer-maker with a playful and exploratory approach her practice. Materiality and social issues are explored within Amy’s work, building concepts for surface design interiors using unconventional clashing and contrasting elements. 

The collection is named Make Unmake Remake, due to the importance of making, the process and the hands-on approach to the designing. Seeing value in things that wouldn’t usually be used, for example waste materials, offcuts, mistakes, etc. and, instead of discarding, working with them, and making something from it. 

Make Unmake Remake is a two-way multi- purpose installation created for a professional working environment, to transform communal spaces into a place of rest or play. The reversible wooden panels can be mixed, arranged and flipped to both motivate and calm, creating new compositions to freshen and liven up any space. The design has multiple possibilities and can be fitted into any indoor space, so one can update an interior space without commissioning new artwork. The colour palettes have been researched and carefully curated to emit calming and motivating moods. The two sides contrast with each other but still work together.