Ellis Price Murrell

Stemming from research within contemporary and historical cultural theory, Structuralism is a project that uses visual imagery as a way of metaphorically projecting positive connotations within the ethical, social and political environment. Through this on-going journey the artist uses lens-based mediums to offer a glimpse to the outside world of how they envision their surroundings and peers. 

This project is a celebration of Afro ethnic, textured hair and culture. Through fashion, fine art and portrait imagery, the photographer has explored how people use their hair as a way of gaining a deeper connection to their cultural identity and ancestral heritage through the concept of Structuralism. 

Structuralism is method of interpretation and analysis of aspects within human mentality, behaviour, and culture based on past and current experiences. The focuses of which are relationships of contrast between elements within a conceptual philosophy, the doctrine that structure is more important than function and a general theory of human culture.