Jesse McMahon

Jesse McMahon is an audio-visual artist from West Yorkshire whose practice is built upon an exploration of video art, intervention and the uncanny. Drawing influence from early Avant-Garde film and sound art, he primarily uses film, photography and found sound from mundane or “everyday” subjects or locations combined with traditional video art techniques such as video synthesis, feedback loops and elements of performance art. 

The work featured in Ones to Watch 2023 refers to a conceptual hidden version of our world in which Jesse incorporates elements of ARG’s and Metafiction into his visual work and uses this creative process to take mundane images and push them as far away from recognition as possible and into the realms of an unknown alternate version of our world. 

These distorted / corrupted fragments of our reality are then reintroduced to the public as ‘INTRUSIONS’, lapses in reality in which hidden horrors or uncanny simulacrums can bleed through and manifest. 

The Intrusions briefly disrupt the flow of everyday life between the real world and digital spaces, before disappearing just as quickly.