Lily Clementine Orset

Lily Clémentine Orset is an illustrator and printmaker based in Leeds. Since graduating in 2022 from BA (Hons) Illustration at Leeds Arts University, they have continued to centre both personal, intuitive making and alternative publishing in their print led work. 

With a focus on craft and storytelling through a queer lens, themes of growth and tenderness connected to the natural world are the subject of There Are Secrets Hidden In The Tall Grass; a four colour, spiral bound, screen printed publication. This 12 page zine follows a figure on a tender journey, picking up feelings, turning them over and deciding what they need to move forwards. 

Continuing with this theme in Drawings From The Sea, Lily reflects on emotional tides and the nature of change. This zine was produced during her time spent on a graduate residency at Patrick Studios. Similarly, the screen print, Float II, draws on the metaphor of water as feeling, with suspended charms encircling and making precious all that they touch. 

Visitors are encouraged to pick up and open the zines and publications in the Gallery.