Lucy Cross (LUCE)

LUCE is a Doncaster-based knitted artist who specialises in fun, bright, and bold creations. She uses second-hand and otherwise ethically-sourced yarn to create eye-catching fine art pieces as well as bespoke commissions and smaller knitted trinkets. She graduated from Leeds Arts University with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication in 2022, and currently works in further education and as a freelance artist. 

LUCE’s piece featured in Ones to Watch 2023 was inspired by the headline ‘Parrot Found at Waterloo Station Won’t Stop Making Tube Announcements’ which made her smile on a particularly gloomy lockdown day. 

It caused me to consider how often we read positive and uplifting news stories and what effect this has on our mental health. It inspired me to share this headline, and its uplifting imagery, with the world in the brightest, boldest, and wackiest way I could. 

The background is made up of photos from Leeds Railway Station and Doncaster Railway Station, each of which have been made into charts and hand-knitted. The parrot was knitted freehand as that is how LUCE work best – working it out as she goes along.