Nell Tomlinson

Nell Tomlinson’s Balcony No.4 is a viewpoint within a larger building designed as part of a university project. Nell chose liminality (transition) as a core theme that influenced her design, choosing to make the building light and positive, in an attempt to challenge the unease that liminal spaces often evoke. The space between here and there can be quite a dark and frightening place for many, but this piece with its soft colours and sunlight spilling in, help us feel positive and optimistic about what is ahead. 

It comes as one image of a 3 month project where Nell was tasked with transforming a building in the heart of industrial Sheffield into a youth hostel, to draw people into the centre of the city, into this unique and enticing space. This is a digital print of a CAD model, that Nell rendered with specialist architectural software. 

“I have always found art in the process. As a joiner, most of what I have done before takes time and care, and by focusing on small, individual aspects of a piece, I hope to bring structure and stability to it as a whole. 

Since physical timber building, my work has become much more technical and largely digital, as I design buildings and structures as a whole. I try to evoke feelings and emotions with my designs, while still focusing on a practical and realistic schemes. Each project holds a different tone and carried the user in a new way. I hope to connect creativity and technicality through these ideas.”