Angela Hall

Angela Hall graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1981 with a BA in ‘Visual Communication’ where her love of printmaking, particularly silkscreen was established. Following a spell working as a commercial designer, she moved into community print in London supporting individuals and groups to design and print their own publicity.

Angela moved to Yorkshire in 1986 to work with rural communities and set up Rural Arts North Yorkshire in 1990, establishing The Courthouse in Thirsk as a vibrant creative hub in central North Yorkshire for the local community as well as a broad range of artists and arts practitioners.  Angela has been a full time printmaker for three years and is currently artist in residence at Harrogate College.

“My work is an expressive and playful reflection of collected objects, still life studies, interiors, and gardens.  My prints start life in my sketchbook, the ‘source’ of all my printed works, and explore every-day places and environmental subject matter. I work quickly and spontaneously in order to create simple but expressive imagery.  Bold broken outlines and texture are overlay-ed with colour using the photo and mono print silkscreen process, using both hand-painted alongside collaged stencils.

I work from my studio in North Yorkshire and have developed my working practice using limited equipment and materials.  All my prints are created without the use of computer technology and are developed by layering hand drawn images, as well as mixing and applying ink directly to the screen. I make very small editions and there are variations in each print I create.

My recent work explores the importance of a ‘Sense of Place’ including home, gardening and food, and evoke the ingredients that I grow in my garden as well as the creatures that visit.”