Clare Carter

Clare Carter is a visual artist and songwriter from West Yorkshire. She has been awarded the Arts Council England DYCP grant for 2022, and will begin a practice-based PhD exploring the relationship between maternal, creative and ecological practice at the University of Leeds in 2023.

“My work is autobiographical, both documenting and investigating landscapes from the position of motherhood in the Anthropocene. A lifelong interest in geology, anthropology, architecture and ecology influences the way I articulate my subjects.

The process of interweaving and overlapping layers within installation, photography, printmaking, film, sound and music composition is central to how I respond to being in the world. I see my work as the product of a geological intimacy, where storytelling is enacted through the inscription, burial and erosion of subjects within the material encounter, eventually metamorphosed as documents that speak about dwelling in specific places.

My work seeks to question our relationship to landscapes and what makes us care about them, and how we dwell and define the boundaries of the human from the other. Furthermore, through the transformative process of creative practice and its engagement with people and places, I am interested in the possibility of establishing an understanding of how to care for the troubled landscapes of the Anthropocene.”