Ian Wrench

Ian Wrench is a printmaker and fine artist who lives and works in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. Ian is part of the Yorkshire Contemporary Print Group Inkers, and frequently prints at the West Yorkshire Print Studio.

“My work is an eclectic mix of subject matters, and reflects my fascination with different printing processes – screen printing, collograph, etching, woodcut and more.

I find the rural and urban variety and contrast around me a never ending source of inspiration. I am particularly attracted to man’s impact upon it and aim to reflect both the  grandeur and destruction that results. I have a particular interest in the impact of light on colour and texture and many of my pieces are vibrant rather than realistic.

In short, I work on what inspires me at the time – both subject matter and technique, and as such I do not have an obvious ‘Wrench’ product. This means I am able continue to enjoy new challenges that print can bring.”