Andy Black

Andy Black

Andy Black is a Welsh artist who studied at the Cardiff School of Art and at the Royal College of Art.  Andy’s work involves constructing drawings and paintings using an index of forms. He mainly works on paper, but has more recently used these forms to make paintings and large-scale wall drawings.

“Logged in a sketchbook, I have an index of around 200 drawings of forms. These forms derive from a variety of sources: some are objects from the landscape, some are sharp-edged and geometric, whilst others are more amorphous and blobby. Some are reminiscent of topiary or architecture, others suggestive of something animated.

It feels like the index of forms provide me with endless opportunities to build new imagery. I use these forms to construct drawings and paintings of imagined spaces.I think of the drawings as gardens, cities, stages – ambiguous territories where these forms can pile up, multiply, or interact.”

Andy has recently started to make wall drawings that explore other spatial possibilities – not only an increase in scale but also how the drawings might be configured to a specific three dimensional space. The work in this exhibition comprises a large charcoal drawing, Large Association, where two forms interact with a goofy logic, and a series of small drawings on panel – singular forms from the ‘Index’.

Andy Black (b.1975 in Bangor, North Wales) studied at the Cardiff School of Art (1995-98) and at the Royal College of Art (2000-02). Andy lives in Malton, North Yorkshire and teaches at Leeds Arts University. His work has been selected for the Jerwood/ Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize and recent exhibitions have included; Champs Noir, Terrace Gallery in London and the Leeds Artists Show, Leeds Art Gallery.