Fiona Grady


Fiona Grady is a site-responsive artist. Her practice recognizes the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration, through lighting gel window installations, wall drawings, projected animations, printmaking, and watercolour studies. Her colourful and dynamic geometric artworks include architectural interventions that transform their setting. She utilises light, colour, shape, surface and scale to ensure each unique work is transformational and impactful. Her works morph with the light of day, reflecting the passing of time, memory and experience to create ambient environments.

Born into a family of mathematicians, Fiona always had a keen eye for balance using ratios of numbers, harmonious colours, and systematic approaches to intervene within a space. She refers to her artworks as giant jigsaw puzzles that employ repetition of forms to build a larger image, using each piece to create a whole picture that has an unconscious equilibrium within its surroundings.

Fiona is best known for her window installations – artworks on Perspex and reclaimed windows that explore how we use light to transform environments. The designs for artworks pick up on architectural and structural details that explore the history and heritage of their settings. They seek methods to celebrate the unique character of each building to develop narratives and a meaningful context to the artwork.

Many of Fiona’s recent works have been created for health and community spaces. These projects have highlighted a desire to gain a deeper understanding of the positive impact of colour psychology and the effects of light on our wellbeing.

Fiona has over 12 years’ experience in the arts with solo exhibitions including Capturing Light, Foundry Gallery in London (2022) and Connection Points, The Art Station in Saxmundham (2021), as well as a wide range of group shows. She has been commissioned worldwide by organisations and institutions including: Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Canary Wharf Group, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Foundation NHS Trust and ITV. Many of her projects involve public engagement, and she has led education projects for City of London School for Girls at the Barbican, Gerald Moore Gallery, South Square Gallery and more.