Evie Wilson

Evie Wilson creates hyper realistic graphite pencil drawings that capture pairs of hands and the different forms of interaction they take with one another. Each drawing is created through layers of pencil, using fine details to capture the texture of the skin, and erasers to present the highlights. An enlarged approach to the representation of the hands allows for the details to be enhanced and examined. Each drawing depicts a different form of holding hands, partnered with a title reflecting just as much detail as the drawings, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere. 

“I capture the body as it is, reflecting the details of the skin, no matter how harsh or soft. My work reflects an interest in the relationships between the body alone and how it interacts with others. I found an interest in the detail of the skin, especially in hands. The hands share information about who we are from our identity in fingerprints, personality through jewellery and painted nails, to our jobs and the effect this has on our skin. I aim for my work to capture the raw reality of our bodies and reflect the relationships surrounding me.”