Farwa Rizvi

Farwa Rizvi is an artist who recently completed her MA in Fine Arts  with a distinction from the University of Leeds. Her work exhibits contemporary expressions of faith and identity emerging from, and associated with, the historical event of Karbala, the life and martyrdom of the family of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam. 

Farwa’s pieces have been exhibited in galleries across Pakistan and the UK, including the Leeds Summer Group Show 2023 at the Leeds Playhouse. Currently residing and working in Leeds, UK, Farwa contributes significantly to the intersection of art and faith. 

“My work pivots around exhibiting contemporary ideas of faith and identity. My work focuses on the repetition of religious processions and rituals that take place annually in remembrance of this historical event using modern objects, identities and one’s own self. I work with different mediums and techniques to delve into the relationship between the past and the contemporary. By doing so, my work recognises the importance of bringing back the lost connection between art and religion. My artworks are not only rich in religious history as a reference or inspiration, but instead, they portray and question religious concepts, bringing these two words, art and religion, to the forefront”