Hajab Zainab

With a keen eye for texture and pattern reflecting my personal admiration for the vast tapestry of art history and cultural legacies, I compose immersive encounters that seamlessly blend the essence of tradition with contemporary expression. Through this fusion, I aim to ignite discussions on themes of identity, heritage, and the ever-shifting boundaries of artistic interpretation.

In my exploration, pixels emerge as more than mere digital artifacts, they symbolise the evolution of artistic language and deliberately challenge perceptions of what art can be. The marriage of historic culture and a modern technology in pixels showcases my vision of using the vast tapestry of art history and cultural legacies that inform my practice.

Through my work, I seek to dissolve the boundaries separating different artistic disciplines, sparking discussions on the interconnectedness of identity, heritage, and the advancement of technology now and in the future with AI developments. By infusing elements of my own cultural heritage, I create a dialogue to transcend geographical borders and invite viewers to question their assumptions about art and its significance in our lives.

Hajab says: “The warmth and support I have received in this country for my art has been amazing. It’s something I just didn’t experience in my Pakistan homeland. Here my ideas and my way of working is properly understood and being part of this amazing exhibition just underlines this.”