Hannah Guy

Hannah Guy was born in Stourbridge, Worcestershire and is currently a third year student studying a BA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds. Hannah is a fine art photographer concerned with the photographic retelling of memories, the tangibility of our dreams and the symbolic potential of light for storytelling. Meticulously staging long exposure photographs, Hannah works with family, friends and strangers to bring her dreamscapes to life by creating large-scale photographic tableaus enriched in narrative. 

Hannah’s photography has been featured in the Leeds Summer Group Show (2023) and recently she was commissioned to produce photographic animation to lead Light Can Also Rhyme in collaboration with British poet Zaffar Kunial for Light Night Leeds 2023. 

In her ongoing photographic series, Nightmares, Daymoths, Hannah is concerned with the photographic retelling of dreamscapes into meticulously staged visual histories. Through method of long exposure photography, lighting design and performance, she borrows language of the documentary photograph to play with the temporality of photographic space like theatre.  

The work translates dream journal entries of the feared, the everyday and the preliminary future into staged pictorial fact, there Hannah creates ‘found collages’. These are often brimming with fleeting symbols and signs encountered within the dreamscape to engage and query the mundanities of our subconscious.