Jean-Batiste Clary Niemi-Junkola

“My approach to creating art relies heavily on conveying a unique feeling to the viewer and creating a short story within the piece through its visual language. I want viewers to watch my work and interpret it in whichever way they feel through the animation and fine details. My collection “The Stationary Collection” is an expression of how our emotions fluctuate and how we grow in a non-linear fashion. With each piece I make, I want to learn something new, whether that be through completely new software, a different technique or even how efficiently I can get it done.”

Cocoon is the final part of 5 pieces called The Stationary Collection. The collection explores waves of emotion and growth over long periods and how people grow in a non-linear way. One can see the woman wearing a wedding dress, symbolizing a new life, yet in a destroyed car floating through the sky – to Jean-Batiste, it’s a juxtaposition about constantly needing to move forward and letting go of the past, even if he needs to force himself. This said he likes to leave the meanings of his work open to interpretation. 2D and 3D software were used in tandem to animate and composite the final piece.