Lauren l’Anson

Y-ello?’ by Lauren I’Anson is about the idea of a lack of communication, isolation and the desire to reach out but only having a faulty device. This sad context combined with a banana-going-bad aesthetic creates a contrast that imparts a humour to a feeling everyone has once felt.

Lauren I’Anson’s, who primarily works with ceramics, practice contains uncomfortable and anatomical features alongside wholesome childhood themes to discuss emotional matters such as social isolation, family troubles and the feeling of alienation. Her work has the aim to communicate a sense of unseriousness and fun regardless of age and personal history.

Her work has been completed by improvisation, learning new skills and having fun exploring materials, as she only started sculpting in late 2023. During her time so far at Leeds Arts University, she has learnt that art doesn’t need to be large, realistic and easy to understand in order to be successful, as many find the more absurd the work is, somehow the more relatable and attractive it becomes. l’Anson wishes to make more absurd yet cheerful work to create an installation of lots of weird things. The aim is to create a separate little world, for all to enjoy.