Shado Hart

Shado Hart studied Art foundation in expanded painting at Central Saint Martins and moved up North to pursue Fine Art with History of Art at the University of Leeds. Their course allowed them to have a year abroad in Finland to study at The Academy of Arts and the Theatre Academy. Here Hart deviated from painterly practices when they got caught up in performative courses. During this year Shado Hart and Lau Kaker began their long withstanding collaboration in the Bio Art practice.

Shado Hart is concerned with social deviancy, perversions, and inability. The materials in Hart’s work are considered thematically, working in categories of theatrical nature: set designs, costumes, and performances.

This might help you understand me is an illustration book made during trauma-based therapy sessions.

Comprised of 7,000 + paperclips, A defective protective measure was made as a sort of armour for dealing with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

Right before I couldn’t move shows improvised dance mixed with symptoms of FND, the week following filming Shado was incapable of moving from bed.