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April 3rd, 2020

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After 10 days working from home

It is almost exactly seven years since I joined Sunny Bank Mills to help them create an arts programme and this is my seventh day of working from home (#wfh) so it seems appropriate to reflect on the journey from then until now and I will be doing that over the next few weeks and months.

Seven years ago I worked alone 2 or 3 days a week and we had virtually no visitors. Now I am working alone again (from home) and we have no visitors because we are shut!

Some reflections from the past few days

· I am still connected; virtually rather than physically and I am not working alone; we are chatting by computer and it’s almost like being in the Gallery.

· I miss our team lunches – we try and eat together most days and talk about food – a lot. Instead we are sharing chats about food, and sometimes images which both inspire and make me hungry. Yesterday, for example, William was having homemade roasted cauliflower soup and cheese scones and I was eating up feta and cumin dip and a tired carrot (trying to only do one food shop a week!)

· It is very easy to be distracted (my road have started a WhatsApp group and there was a big conversation about cats yesterday – turns out Sydney knows the people who live round me better than I do) and also very easy to get absorbed in one task (I also spent 4.5 hrs yesterday proof reading and amending bits of our new website and honestly didn’t notice the time)

· Having been told to stay inside I want to go out; unless its cold (yesterday) and wet

· I thought I would miss being surrounded by wonderful art but I am still surrounded by it at home (having become a bit of a collector of work from the Gallery – more on this in the future) I choose most of the work and it is so difficult for me to resist buying it too so I mainly don’t (no will power)!

· I know there is a lot of virtual stuff to do out there but I’m not ready to do it yet

· Cooking had become a bit of a chore but I’m enjoying it again; taking pleasure in planning, making and eating. Here’s an idea – as a family we are choosing a country (Google random country generator) and taking it in turns to cook the signature dish of that country. Great plan but the signature dish of Malaysia happens to be a coconut rice they eat for breakfast so I am doing something else!

· There is still no toilet paper (or pasta or coconut milk) in Morrisons.

· I really need to sort my loom. Picture attached (the remains of the warp are from my degree show, which is over 10 years ago… which means I haven’t touched it since, in spite of boring people about how I am going to for at least 8 of those years…)

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