Judith’s Cauldron!

July 26th, 2019

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Double, double, toil and trouble! In preparation of the regeneration project here at the mill, director William and his son Jack went around in search of artefacts to be saved. In one of the dams, down beneath one of the buildings that is to be regenerated, they found something very intriguing: a cauldron, old and rusty, hidden under a layer of chemical residue. Now, some might draw the rather boring conclusion that, since this was a woollen mill, the cauldron must have been used for dyeing purposes. It’s perfectly reasonable, of course, but I’ve always enjoyed a bit of fantastical mystery. Perhaps that Hogwarts owl got lost after all? There is talk of maybe running some test on the residue and settling the debate once and for all on what the cauldron was used for. Until then, mystery will gladly continue inciting wonder and excitement a little while longer. For the time being, the cauldron sits patiently waiting outside the Archive doors, still adjusting to daylight, and inviting ponderings of its own origins and the history of this site.

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