Material Matters Artist in Residence: Jenny Handley #2

Jenny shares some more ongoing research

July 21st, 2021

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I have been documenting objects, processes and infrastructure in the Sunny Bank Mills Archive. This has included photographing and videoing fabric samples, shelving and storage & scanning items photogrammetry. I’ve been exploring how the archive in its current state, and all that it contains, may reveal hidden material from the past, and hint at how the collection may have evolved had the Mill remained active into the future.

These photos and videos are made from a variety of image prediction experiments using AI based technologies. I used a wide range of imagery from in and around the archive to train and generate these outcomes.

Imagery of archive storage combined with swatch samples have coalesced to mimic a warp & weft type structure of vertical and horizontal weave, which draws in the architecture, actions and processes of the archive, re-imagining them as material of threads that can be woven in to an imagined, future fabric.


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