Bryony Pritchard

Bryony is a Leeds-based interdisciplinary artist. During the last two decades her practise has incorporated visual art, movement, textiles, storytelling and installation.

Sleep Chart Series (2017 – 2020)

Bryony became a mum in 2017 and the rollercoaster of motherhood took centre stage. However, she illustrated and charted her child’s sleep to help her process the crippling experience of sleep deprivation. The coded drawings were later developed into a series of abstract layered collages using risograph printing.

Birth Affirmations Series (2020-2021)

During Bryony’s pregnancy with her second child during 2020 and 2021, she developed her own affirmation cards to help prepare and resource her for the unknowns and anxieties around labouring during a pandemic. The collaged illustrations evolved after many journaling sessions and include painting, sewing and original affirmations. These cards were used continuously during her labour at home and in hospital.