Lullabies in Lockdown

1st October - 30th October 2022

Lullabies In Lockdown is a group illustration exhibition showcasing the work of several local, national and international artists who became parents during the Covid pandemic.

Running through October as part of  Vessel, the show explores how illustration can be used to make topics accessible: to document, share, unite and advocate for those having lived an experience. It intends to uncover quieter or untold stories around navigating parenthood during the pandemic as well as celebrate the tender moments, precious times and lives of the babies who stayed at home.

Featuring work from Nele Anders, Jenna Lee Alldread, Ruth Batham, Pia Bramley, Lizzie Bhushan, Charlotte Dryden-Kelsey, Beth Duggleby, Isabel Greenberg, Jessika Green, Matthew Hodson, Kim Jihyun, Lorna Johnstone, Sabba Khan, Benjamin Mills, Kate Pankhurst, Bryony Pritchard, Alice Socal, Joanna Spicer and Lilly Williams.

Co-curated with Beth Duggelby and supported by Leeds Inspired.

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Accessible entrance to the rear of the Gallery.

Open 10-4 Tuesday – Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday. Closed Mondays.