Kate Pankhurst

Kate Pankhurst is a Leeds based illustrator and author, and a resident of our Spinning Mill Studios. Kate is the Author of the ‘Fantastically Great Women’ book series and is a distant relative of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

“As part of my illustration practice I keep sketchbooks of daily doodles – things I had for dinner, funny dogs, conversations and anything I notice during my day. There are stories in the smallest details.

While I was pregnant in 2020 it was the small things I noticed that spoke volumes that everything was not as it should be outside the front door. (Although looking back, in many ways that year, everything was exactly as it should have been, I became mum to my daughter Luna Swift.)

This series of sketchbook drawings capture some of my strongest, sensory memories of the bits that were different, emotional and joyful because of life in lockdown.”