Meri Croft

About Meri Croft

Meri Croft graduated from University of Leeds in 2020. Her paintings explore the contrast of the interior and exterior, the relationship between inside and outside, and the threshold that exists between them. Thresholds are not an endpoint but a mid-point that allows for the fluid crossing of, or the wavering between two worlds. Focusing on capturing the ever-changing state of the in-between, her paintings attempt to contain and solidify the fluid and transient. Working with the materiality of the paint, she places washes of colour against vivid or opaque shapes. She scratches into and removes paint from the canvas to reveal multiple layers, highlighting how two worlds can exist simultaneously, and be brought together to create a new and entirely different whole.

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Consistently drawn to the paradoxical nature of the window as both boundary and opening, rectangles and geometric shapes appear frequently within her work – often becoming a symbolic stand in for windows or architectural openings. These geometric structures provide the viewer with perspective and logic, whilst fluid brushstrokes and bold colour allow for a release into illusion and the impalpable.