Mia Symonds

About Mia Symonds

Mia Symonds is an emerging artist and practitioner working primarily with fibre. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) in 2019 with a degree in Textile Design specialising in weaving, she has gone on to develop her practice at Goldsmiths University of London, where she is currently completing an MA in Design Expanded Practice. Mia’s work aims to explore and showcase our human relationship to, and the social value of woven fabric in our everyday lives. She aims to push the boundaries between how and where textiles are understood and realised, and as Anni Albers once wrote, she wants to ‘let the threads be articulate again’.

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Through studying Textile Design at university, she soon realised her interest in examining weaving practice and researching cloth as an intrinsic part of civilisation. Symonds has always gravitated towards the structure and strength of woven fabric, in juxtaposition to the susceptible and sensory qualities of textiles. She combines her interest in language with her research and visual practice, with a strong affirmation for the harmony between language and art, text, and textiles.

Moving forward, she aims to produce large scale fibre installations, taking textiles out of the home and into new spaces, out of small-scale production and into large scale performance. She holds firmly the belief that our shared, global understanding, our need for, and our daily intimate interactions with woven fabric, has the power to transcend into thoughtful, critical, and social contemporary art and design.