Yasmin Lari

About Yasmin Lari

Yasmin Lari is the woven textile designer behind Yasmin’s Warp and Weft; she creates work that focuses on the natural world in which she surrounds herself.

In Yasmin’s final year studies at Nottingham Trent University, on the Textile Design course, she explored the history of wool within Britain’s Textiles industry. She learnt the techniques of washing, carding, spinning, and dyeing to enable her to understand the whole process, from sheep to shop. Through immersing herself in the natural world of wool, Yasmin has now developed a range of soft furnishing products and launched her business from the quaint village of Helmsley.

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process and inspiration

All products are hand woven on an 8-shaft table loom using a range of British wools. The project joins together the old and the new and is also inspired by research into Yasmin’s Persian roots. She combines traditional processes with contemporary colour inspiration from the ever-changing world around her. She is captivated by the classic patterns of Islamic Art, and in her work, she captures the traditional pattern repeats, focusing specifically on their use of geometric shapes.

By developing her work with the changing of the seasons, she is similarly informed by colour inspiration from the natural world. The woven fabrics capture the subtle changes of the pale blue skies, to the reds of the sun set, and the subtle greens of the moors. The design for Yasmin’s soft furnishings is made using contrasting colours in the warp and weft creating defined pattern and colour to bring the outside in.