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March 14th, 2016

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These beautiful labels encompass Sunny Bank Mills textile heritage in a variety of designs for the diverse business’ that bought the fine worsted cloth from the Mill.  Brand design and technological invention have created the variety of labels that we see today.  The origin of the label however became more permanently established in the Industrial Revolution in the late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century.  If you needed a label, there must be a market willing to buy your product.  A label therefore became a necessity in the development of industry and growing markets of trade around the world.   The first labels were paper printed labels and creating s basic identification of products such as the labelling of bales of cloth and bottles.  The more modern label seen here represents the many inventions and developments in labels that have developed through time reflecting trends and growing markets in the textile industry. Reference: The History of Labels The Evolution of the Label Industry in Europe  M. Fairley, T White,  Tarsus Exhibitions & Publishing Ltd, 2014

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