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June 17th, 2020

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If a chair could speak what stories would it tell?


There are many chairs in the Archive of all shapes and sizes and from all the various departments.  Some customised to fit the department floor or the job it was made for.  They seem to have personalities all of their own.

Including this very comfortable office chair you can see above which now lives in the Archive office.  The below black and white photograph has a similar chair, making our chair over a hundred years old.  These chairs help to add the personal touch of those who worked here, including this image of Owen Parkin in the office at Sunny Bank Mills in 1905.

And in this photograph of Owen Parkin and his family at Christmas outside Sunny Bank House in 1901 where they lived on site.

One of my favourite chairs in the Archive is this humble stool.  The seat is just right and is very comfortable and is just at the right angle for perching on.  It has been made to stand perfectly straight on the uneven stone flag floors in the Mill and the Archive.



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