Rachel’s Stories from the Archive

April 9th, 2013

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The aim of this blog is to show the discoveries in cataloging the vast archive at Sunny Bank Mills. When looking through any collection of objects or archive the hope of finding something unusual, unexpected, inspiring or just something that make you think; is what makes archives and collections fascinating to explore. Every cataloging session is different and every new discovery opens up new possibilities. On methodically moving through the shelves and rows of boxes and many bundles of cloth we came across four unopened parcels. Bound in brown paper and tied in string, the bundles seemed to have been left just as they were for the past 60 years. Inside were these bound bundles of cloth wrapped in brown paper and secured with a pin. What intrigues me more are the possibilities and stories relating to why they were left untouched and only opened now? Rachel Moaby – April 2013

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