Stories from the Mill canteen, tea breaks and fuddles – Heritage Open Days 2021

September 5th, 2021

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The theme of Heritage Open Days this year is Edible England and this got us thinking of the many gatherings and stories around food that the Mill could share.  It was hard work, working in a textile mill and this meant food and drink were important to keep you going.  The Mill canteen was a focal point for meals for the workers although there was also plenty of choice on Farsley Town Street too.  At the start of the 1900s, the Farsley area boasted 7 fried fish shops for all those hard-working textile workers.  The local pubs The Bay Horse Inn and The Fleece were also a welcome break to the work at the Mill although perhaps not the place to be spotted during the day by the Mill owner.

Tea break in the Engineers department

The making of a brew was also a right of passage for the apprentices at the Mill.  A welcome break of your favourite brew of tea, coffee, or Bovril was an important staple to the working day and perhaps a game of chess’ to break up the day as this image shows.

Chess game in the lunch break

Another focus for food and celebration was the fuddle.  A unique word of West Yorkshire which means a coming together and sharing of food and drink to celebrate events such as Christmas as this image from the Mending Department shows.

Menders Fuddle 1964

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