Future proofed fibre internet at Sunny Bank Mills

October 9th, 2018

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Business Class Fibre Network logo on red stone wall

It is 10 years since we started regenerating this wonderful Mill into an award winning, creative space for business. In this mission, we are succeeding thanks to the great versatility of the buildings and our attention to quality and detail. However, we have not been able to do everything at once. One of the frustrations has been having to rely on the antiquated internet and telephone services offered by the existing suppliers. I do appreciate the Mill is a difficult site and there will have been ‘easier wins’ but the existing suppliers just do not seem to have had the ability to see the longer term opportunities at Sunny Bank Mills. The approach has been one connection at a time with absolutely no investment in infrastructure on site.  I have lost count of the times our tenants have been promised that they can be switched on easily and then the engineer turns up unprepared. It has only been through determined hand-holding on our part that installations have been successful. We once had a business unable to move in for nearly 3 months because of delays and false promises from internet providers. Luckily, this has been the exception but it installed a determination to take this situation into our own hands when the opportunity arose. That opportunity arose in the form of Exa Networks who are straight forward company based in Bradford. They have their own fibre network so are not dependant on other providers. They have done an amazing job to bring a massive future proof fibre connection direct to the Mill. Over the last year, we have been investing and working hard to bring the site digital infrastructure to a class leading status. We have dug and dropped our own fibre cables in a resilient ring all over the site and connected them to switches in each building. We have then connected everything to an enterprise grade firewall. So we are now ready to go! These are just some of the advantages of our service.

  • Genuine fibre internet to your office starting from £25 a month.
  • Have as much or as little bandwidth as you need
  • No fixed term contract
  • Synchronous upload and download speeds ideal for cloud computing
  • Extremely low contention rates
  • Stable and reliable connection
  • Resilient ring of fibre cables around the site
  • Enterprise grade firewall.
  • Internet telephony and Skype for Business packages offered.
  • Fast installation of fibre internet and telephony in a fraction of the time of the established providers.
  • It is a managed service so one call to the Estate office or our onsite partner, Server Centre to solve queries.
  • Most importantly, no need to deal with false promises from traditional providers!

John Gaunt from Sunny Bank Mills and Mark Elders from Exa Networks

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