Northern Soul

A touring exhibition by Ian Scott Massie

20th November to 23rd December

A portrait of an alternative England.

Northern Soul grew out of a long fascination with the personality of places Ian Scott Massie has come to know across the North and the stories connected with them.

The paintings and prints in this exhibition represent a journey of 45 years living in the North. Scott Massie describes the exhibition as “the log of a long, as yet unfinished, journey, and a love letter to the North of England. It’s about the places I’ve known and painted, and what part they play in this complex, careworn, mountainous, multifaceted, wave-tossed, warm-welcoming, windblown, freezing, friendly, tough spirited, tender hearted, rusty, rebellious, ruinous, green, golden, chilled-out, challenging, deep-rooted, dale-scattered, subtle, smoky, special land.”

Ian Scott Massie is accompanied by Jane Fielder, Gillian Holt, Kath Bonson, Sarah Harris, Mike Moor, Simon Lewis and Seanna Doonan.

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